Drought is affecting Missouri’s soybeans

The new soybean agronomist with University of Missouri Extension says the drought is starting to show in soybeans.

Andre Reis tells Brownfield the conditions are affecting early soybean development.

“At this point, we would expect soybeans to have a full canopy, but that’s not what’s happened in Missouri. That could translate into a reduction in yield potential.”

He says the soybeans are also flowering earlier than usual due to the dryness.

“Later on, the pods will need every single photosynthetic surface to fix carbon and nutrients, but with a reduction of vegetative development, we would have fewer seeds with a smaller test weight.”

He says later season rains could help improve the situation, but it’s unclear if more consistent rains will come at the right time.

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor says 99% of Missouri is dry, with nearly a quarter of the state experiencing extreme drought.

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