Drought improves in Midwest, worsens in Plains

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows drought conditions have improved in some areas and declined in others. National Drought Mitigation Center Climatologist Brian Fuchs says Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri continue to get much-needed rain.

“Last week, we had a pretty good storm system that made its way through the Midwest. Some areas saw significant rainfall for November, more like what you’d see in the spring or summer.”

Dry conditions remain in the Ohio River Valley and the Upper Midwest and worsened in the Plains.

“Kansas and Nebraska are battling right now, who is worse off. With a lot of eastern and central Kansas seeing rains last week, Nebraska is catching up on drought severity with Kansas.”
Fuchs tells Brownfield the seasonal outlook is showing drought sticking around in the Midwest and Upper Plains.

  • We are in south central Missouri. We recently got some much needed rain, but the grass we drilled in September has just now emerged. Our historic springs are not running. The cool season grasses we rely on for winter feed did not grow. Our county, Texas was never listed on the drought monitor, so we did not even receive federal help like all the neighboring counties did. So Im calling BS on this article. We’ve had to sell 30% of our mother cows and wondering how to feed the ones we did keep.

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