Dow expects Enlist Duo to be available for 2016

sprayer case ih 5-15 2Dow AgroSciences says it expects its Enlist Duo herbicide to be available for the 2016 crop season.

Last week, the EPA announced it was withdrawing its approval of Enlist Duo. The agency said it had received new information that raised questions about the “synergistic effects” between the herbicide’s two active ingredients—glyphosate and 2,4-D. EPA said the new data raised concerns about Enlist Duo’s potential impact on endangered plants and animals covered under the Endangered Species Act.

Dow says those issues are being addressed and expressed confidence they will be resolved in the next few months, in time for the 2016 crop use season. The company says it’s possible there could be some changes to use conditions on the existing Enlist Duo label, but it does not expect those issues to result in the long-term cancellation of the Enlist Duo product registration.

In the meantime, Dow says, it will continue to prepare for commercial sales of Enlist Duo for the 2016 growing season.

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