Domino’s stands its ground against animal rights ‘extremists’

Animal rights groups have been successful in pressuring many of the top food companies and restaurant chains to adopt stricter animal welfare policies, such as cage-free eggs and gestation stall-free pork.

One notable exception is Domino’s Pizza, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which has stood its ground in the face of extreme pressure from animal activists.

Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre tells Brownfield their philosophy is simple:  Farmers know best.

“We will never tell a farmer how to farm. We will never tell a rancher how to raise his or her animals,” McIntyre says. “What we believe is they’re the experts. They have the most vested interest in raising their livestock. It’s not just a job, we recognize that. It’s a life and we appreciate that—and we’re not afraid to stand up and say it.”

Even though the “extremists”, as McIntyre calls them, have pushed hard, he says Domino’s will not cave.

“Over the years, because we have taken the tact of what I’ll call ‘leaning into the punch’—and we’ve taken the punch and sometimes we punch back—we’ve been lucky enough to see that the extremists will go away when they realize that we are not going to cave,” he says.

“The best answer is to be deaf. To not hear them, to not respond, to not give them a platform. The biggest mistake we make is believing that they are reasonable people.  We’ve learned they’re not. That’s why they’re called extremists.”

McIntyre is one of the speakers at this week’s Animal Ag Alliance summit in Kansas City.

AUDIO: Tim McIntyre

  • Thank you, Domino!! We will continue to buy your wonder product! John and Mary Quinn

    • I suppose you believe vegans are the bullies here. Maybe you should see first hand how your living breathing feeling food is being treated before it makes its way to your plate.

      • I do. I raise beef. I love animals and take great care of them. If only you cared enough to trust the farmers who do care for them and show them your support. I love cows too much to have them become extinct. People need to get a first hand education by visiting real farms and see for themselves how we treat our animals, you might just be surprised how much we care.

        • Hi Julie, I believe you do care for your animals. Just curious, at the end of the day what happens to them? How old are your animals before they are shipped off? Do you brand, ear tag, castrate, de-horn, ear tag any of your animals?

          I would love to come to your farm to see your operation. Likely that won’t happen because of distance, but I’m in.

    • God didn’t naturally give us these animals to eat. They are bred for the demand. If we breed women to be raped, would that be morally justified? Or breed men to be slaves, that would be okay too?

      If God gave us animals to eat, why are humans the only animal to develope atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and all sorts of disease from eating them? Why does it disgust most people to see slaughterhouse footage? Why would most people be disgusted to kill an animal? Or teach their child how to kill? Or eat a dog? Raw, in it’s natural state?

      I realize that the farmed animals wouldn’t be here if we stopped eating/breeding them. Do you think we should forcible rape animals to bring life into the world just to be mutalated, tortured, and slaughtered when it’s unnecessary for our health or survival?

      100+ species of other animals are going extinct every day, with the leasing cause tired to animal agriculture – the leading contributor of going greenhouse gases (51%), leading cause of ocean pollution and habitat destruction (91% of Amazon).

      If you care about animals, if you care about the planet, if you care about life, you should consider stoping your contribution to death. Over 400 million less animals were slaughtered annually in the US from 2007 to 2014. Veganism (and others willing to reduce their death contribution) are making a difference. You can help.

  • This is quite interesting. Firstly i would say that vegans are not against farming, obviously we are against certain types of farming that involve the deliberate exploitation of animals. I think secondly i would say that being against the harm the animal industry causes to other animals is not a particularly extreme position, in fact it is quite a rational one. I think that whilst Tim calls some activists ‘extremists’, i think he could be more generous and call others like myself rationalists.

    • Vegans are only against farmers that raise animals? Right!

      • NO! Vegans are all about living, caring and giving! No animal should suffer, no animal should be exploited, no animal deserves to die! We believe in saving this earth and more importantly about peace among all living creatures. It’s not extreme, it’s called love. it’s not called against anything or anyone, it’s called caring

  • Trying to lessen the torture and suffering of sentient beings is not extreme. I will never eat your pizza again.

    • Agreed and also will never purchase your product again.

      • If we appear extreme, it is because the torture and suffering of animals in the agricultural industry is extreme. Our passion matches that of the suffering of the animals. If you want to call that extreme, go ahead. If you also want to be ‘deaf’ to us, go ahead, but your product has now been boycotted by myself, my family and those others that support me. Rest assured, there is a food revolution going on, and in time, you will be forced to follow suit, simply because the current agricultural climate is not sustainable. That is not vegan fluff, that is fact. Do your homework.

    • There is a huge number of people who even you would not call extremist but don’t want animals to suffer. These same people will never buy your ____ again. So go ahead. Stand your ground. Until you go bankrupt because the MAJORITY believes you are highly unethical.

      • “Until you go bankrupt because the MAJORITY believes you are highly unethical.”

        Great idea – let’s actually watch how this goes, let’s put it to the test. You boycott them, and people who disagree with you can support them.

        If they are not bankrupt in, say, 5 years, will you remember this comment and finally realize you aren’t the “MAJORITY”? Because I’m fairly certain that you aren’t – the fairly small minority you’re a part of is just very very loud.

        • I won’t say they go bankrupt. What I do predict is that Domino’s stance on addressing “extremists” will evolve. There is even a comment by the interviewer that says that Domino’s is one of the few companies that have taken the stance that they have. Why do YOU think that is? I would wager that is because activism has been working. It is evident in the grocery store and at restaurants. Domino’s can take a hard line approach to this, but in the end they will cave. I’d wager that without issue. It may not be until this guy moves on, but it will happen. That is where we are heading.

  • On one hand we have people who pay and/ or raise sentient beings as commodities for profit wherein they must endure pain and suffering, confinement in extremely cramped quarters, body parts pierced, cut off without anesthetic , forcibly impregnated, babies torn away from mothers shortly after birth, never seeing sunlight or feeling grass beneath their feet, unable to express any natural behavior and then killed prematurely either at the peak of market readiness or once their bodies have become spent with repeated demands for their secretions ,and then on the other hand, you have people who recognize that animals are sentient and thereby don’t want to harm them so they opt for eating a plant-based diet. So who exactly are the extremists here????

    • Mirella Seaman, well said, thank you.

      • Yes, Well said!

        • Excellent discussion. I’m a veggie, but I did just eat Domino’s cheese pizza. It’s served Friday nights at my workplace. I’d NEVER buy it myself. I might end eating it at all. A shame, I think it would be just as good if they stopped using suppliers who crate. They could raise the price slightly too and people would buy it, including ME!

    • Cattle, hogs, chickens, and etc. are NOT sentient beings. Now, let’s talk about your list of perceived violations. Cramped quarters? There is an argument to made about how poultry is raised, but most other animals are not ‘cramped’ they are raised in buildings because they animals are healthier and safer than in the elements. Have you ever watched a sow eat her own litter of pigs? Without he use of farrowing crates this is a more than common occurrence. Forcibly removed body parts? The only thing I can think of here is castration of males. Is this any different than circumcision of male humans? Are you calling for the end to that? Babies torn from their mothers? Only in dairy cattle, and after 12-24 hours the natural instincts have worn off and the mother and calf literally know nothing of the each other, more proof of non-sentience. Forcibly impregnated? Just stop. Most are still impregnated the old fashioned way, and there is no difference between artificial insemination and natural. If you put the bull in with those cows he would breed them. All that is changing is who’s doing the deed. Never seeing sunlight? Some hogs and chickens this is true but not for cattle (same with hogs), but the reason hogs and chickens are fed and housed inside most of their lives is for efficiency AND the health of the animals. Ever see a pig with trichinosis? Killed prematurely? How long would these animals survive if left to their own devices in nature as we know it today? Lastly, again, these are NOT sentient animals. You will dispute and all I can tell you is that you are wrong. Sentience requires intelligence, consciousness, and self-awareness. There are differing levels of intelligence, but we can agree there is some intelligence present. How about consciousness? By Webster’s definition they are clearly not, they have no Ego. Self-Awareness? They may understand he difference between given conditions, but they are not aware of how the effect them. They are not able to reason. They act on instinct and conditioned behavior not on personal thoughts derived from reasoning and rational thought. That is why the are not sentient. I will NEVER tell someone the are wrong for choosing to be Vegan. That is a personal choice and no one should be judged for a personal choice when it does no others harm. However, I will argue the science and facts if they are offered by someone (on either side) and they are clearly wrong.

      • Oh dear, where do I start with this garbage!? Likening circumcision to castration already reveals how detached you truly are from reality. Body parts include: teeth (piglets), beaks (layer hens), horns (cattle and sheep), skin from around the breech (sheep i.e. mulesing), ears (cattle i.e. ear notching). Whether by artificial insemination or confinement with males, it is FORCEFUL impregnation and frequently results in dystocia (i.e. difficiulty giving birth) because of poor management choices (i.e. attempt to breed faster weight gain). Your CHOICE to eat meat comes at the expense and abuse of those animals. We are there voice and your personal choice means almost nothing compared to this

      • All of the animals you list have long ago been acknowledged by science as being sentient, you need to revisit what this means. Yes, they do have consciousness, they are self aware, they can and do reason. It is only for the convenience of people like you that some people try to continue with the misguided view that they don’t. And yes, I have a good deal of first hand experience.

        There is nothing scientific about the semi literate view expressed here by McIntyre, which even characterises its own tactics in the following way “The best answer is to be deaf. To not hear them, to not respond, to not give them a platform…”. That is most assuredly not the way of science, it would more accurately be considered a response one could expect from a phobia, and you are defending it.

        Your closing remark is in gross error.

      • You are so right Justin! Most of these negative folks have never experienced living on a farm. They wouldn’t know which end of the cow to milk and think brown cows produce chocolate milk!!

      • So much wrong with this comment. Research before you respond.

        And based on my research, sows rarely eat their piglets and most often in captivity. And if you watch the news, human mothers often kill their own children too. (2 times in the news in the pat week here)

      • I’d definitely rather be circumcised than castrated. Actually, I wish nether had happened since I didn’t get a say so!!! Guess which one I got!!! 😀

      • Reading this I want to laugh but I have to cry. I try to give the benefit of doubt to people, but come on, non-sentient? “They may understand the difference between given conditions but they are not aware of how the(y) (a)ffect them?” Sir, you do not understand the properties of a central nervous system. Non-sentient? Do you really believe that?

    • Well said Mirella. We are called extremists and I know vegans have a bad reputation for being preachy. In our defence I say the animals have no voice, we are the only voice they have, it’s no wonder that we have to speak up for them?

  • Thank you Dominos!!!! For not backing down. Just like they shouldnt tell you how to run a pizza business.

  • How are these groups extreme, when they are only asking for a stronger stance on animal welfare?
    At the end of the day, when common decency comes into play, no innocent animal deserves to have their lives terminated.
    It would be excellent if humanity was considered over the almighty dollar.

    • You do realize that there are many, MANY carnivorous species in this world, right? Eating other animals is a normal, everyday fact of life in this world, whether humans do it or not. Even human beings stopped killing animals for food TODAY, the total number of animals killed on a daily basis would drop by… what, 2%? Maybe?

      Also, I assume you never do anything about mice or other pests in your home, right? Because that would be rank hypocrisy…

  • wow is this guy joking? “They have the most vested interest in raising their livestock. ” LOL yepppp they sure do. Its called $$$$$$$$. When people are driven by money, ethics are forgotten

  • What is so extreme about demanding humane farming practices? If this clown had ever seen the inside if an intensive animal agriculture facility he might realise he is the one being extreme.

  • Dominos – what a progressive company. Vegan food sales increase by 1500% over the last 12 months
    With more than half a million people in the UK now saying they follow a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, vegan food sales are up by a whopping 1,500 per cent in the past year, according to new figures released to coincide with World Vegan Day. This is just in the UK. In the US there are 16 million vegans. Australia is following suit. Whilst this is a US article I certainly won’t be purchasing Dominos in Australia. Good luck with your old fashioned company with a deaf air to cruelty. We will be deaf to your marketing.

    • Those that refuse to adapt are the ones that are deaf and dumb. As fast as the vegan/plant based movement is moving forward Dominos will be left in our dust. They will be begging for those millions of consumers they turned away. Sorry Dominos we won’t forget your arrogant selfish ways. Eventually when you finally do your part to care about the treatment of animals, whether by choice or by force, we won’t forget this moment and we still won’t eat your crappy pizza.

  • Thank You DOMINO’S!! I may not be a ‘pizza’ person, but I appreciate your position !

    • “Thank you DOMINO’S!! I may not be an ethical person with morals but I appreciate your murdering cruel ways! Keep up the great work on not giving a damn about the animals you abuse and kill for my food!”

  • Thank you very much for this article. Being a farmer in Minnesota, we have spent decades facing ” extremists” when it comes to agriculture and how we should take care of our livestock and crops. In many cases we have felt allowing the science and facts tell the story should be sufficient allowing for reasonable people to understand the quality of the food chain production in the US compared to many other countries. Unfortunately this philosophy has only allowed for people with this type of mind set to further dig their heels in and continue their efforts to change how we operate and what type of food products businesses like Dominos Pizza should offer their customers.

    • Bruce, so if i were to take your dog lock him in a crate for a couple years so he can’t move and then and turn him into pepperoni topping that would be okay then right? I don’t want to spend a penny more than i have to to turn a profit on dog pepperoni since your dog is low quality meat in the food chain. So its okay that he suffers a couple years so i can fatten him up and then slit his throat right? Do you understand how selfish and ignorant you sound? There is no difference between a cow, a pig, a chicken, a cat or a dog. ALL are equal. Society tells you to love one and murder the other. “Extremists” as you call them, only want you to use your brain and stop being so extreme and care about someone other than yourself.

      • *vomits* sorry, bye bye dominos, but that comment is idiotic on so many levels. first of all, they’re animals, just freaking animals. why should you care about a god-forgotten pig getting the same rights as a human? do you want to see them wear a tophat and monocle and walk around on two legs? i mean, i do, but that’s just me giving you a reason to yell at me.”ALL are equal” maybe tell that to the starving people in south Africa before you tell a farmer that. while you shun the meat someone gives you, those people would eat it as faster then i can say “free sausages at Bunnings in Australia”. This man you are talking to? he knows more then you do. he’s the farmer here. also, you used the word “someone” in your closing statement, but as i said beforehand, they aren’t human. all in all, if you think that animals should be given human rights, maybe you should be given animal rights. it’s happened for years without anyone stopping it.

  • Yeah Dominos! Way to stand up for the American Farmer and your consumer! We raise animals and while we are pretty good at turning some of them into “pets” most are part of the food chain. Thank you for standing up to the extremists! You have my vote and more importantly, the next time I spend money on a pizza, it will be with your company. Well done!

    • I won’t eat your dog if you don’t eat my pig, who decides which animals are loved and which ones get murdered? You certainly aren’t authorized to make that decision, unless you are declaring yourself God?

      • They talk about animals that eat each other… . perhaps shark, bear, tiger, gator pepperoni? Leave the gentle animals alone. Ever notice MOST hunters hunt the animals that would run from their toy poodle?

  • Thank you Domino’s for keeping with a tradition that is steep with professionals who love their animals . You have moved to the top of my list for pizza! ????

  • I will support those with common sense 100%. Who do these extremist think they are??? They have no, none, nada experience in animal husbandry, yet try to tell those who have how things should be done!!!!!! This includes a whole lot of specialist who went to school, learned, studied, and live the life 24/7/365 for generations.

  • Awww, we’ve just been called “extremists” by a bunch of people who murder and enslave animals again.
    My fee-fees are hurted.
    *drinks some extreme tea and eats an extremely extreme fig newton while Vivaldi’s Four Seasons plays in the background*

  • Dominos pizza is awful anyway… The one here in Fairbanks Alaska is god awful… meat smells funky, moldy looking cheese in the cooler… yuck..

  • That’s OK dominoes. Your pizza sucks anyway. There are plenty of other choices. You don’t need our money and we don’t need your pizza.

    • I have never eaten their products and since they don’t give a shit about animals or the environment, I never will.

  • You Call us extremists yet you kill millions of animals and destroy the planet in doing so to feed yourselves. Yet I’m extreme. Your arguments are invalid, unresearched and idiotic.

  • The minimum consideration humankind can exhibit to another living being is in inflicting a little less pain and suffering. If doing the minimum is being “extreme” to you at Domino’s, your morality and ethical code is worrisome. I’ll give my money to companies that don’t actively (and smugly) support brutal practices.

  • Domino’s Pizza is utterly irresponsible then. Soon humans are realizing the destruction that Animal Agriculture is causing and the pain inflected in humans by animal foods. “Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.” According to UN, World Health Organization, and most environmental organizations. Shame on Domino’s! Please read:

  • “The best answer is to be deaf. To not hear them, to not respond, to not give them a platform. The biggest mistake we make is believing that they are reasonable people. We’ve learned they’re not. That’s why they’re called extremists.” ……………..
    Maybe you should add ‘dumb and blind’ to your choice to be deaf, because that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard a spokesperson for a major company say, and because you’re blind to how much of a backlash this will cause, both in terms of lost income and your soon to be badly tarnished reputation. Just ask Sea World how they’re doing after turning their backs on Animal Activists… you know, the ‘extremists’ who simply don’t want animals abused. Since when is that extreme? When you argue against those ‘extremists’, you are, by definition, arguing in favor of animal abuse. Is that what the spokesman for a major company should be doing publically?

  • I resent being labeled an “extremist” because I care about animals and about climate change (which is severely impacted by animal agriculture). As a mainstream business, it’s an extremely dumb move to criticize those of us who care about the planet. What’s such a big deal about offering some animal-friendly options like dairy-free cheese? We eat pizza and spend money, too. You might want to keep that in mind before you slander an entire group of us.

    • Right back at ya! Animal Rights groups have been slandering an entire group of farmers to push their agenda for how long now?! Not all farmers are the inhumane monsters you like to make them out to be, yet we all get lumped into the same category. Think before you speak!

      • I’m not sure how killing a living being can ever be humane, but… whatever helps you sleep at night. I’m only satisfied with my impact on this planet when I refuse to pay for others to use, abuse, and kill animals I feel I have no rights to do so with.

      • You say you’re not an inhumane monster, yet you literally take the life of a sentient creature on a regular basis to for it’s flesh. Best case, that makes you selfish, worse case, you’re homicidal maniac. Think about that next time you sell your pig or cow meat to a shit-factory like Domino’s.

      • regardless, you murder for profit.. Thats not slander, thats fact. Think before you murder!

        • Think before a murder?… yeah nah. i prefer my meat murdered for me. slightly fresh, but not too fresh. take the meat lovers pizza cold, put more meat on it, heat it up again and shove it all down my throat. this is what i think of animal “murder” animal “abuse”.

  • Hey Tim McIntyre go ahead and remain deaf to your consumers. Meanwhile, other companies that are savvy enough to listen to consumer requests will leave your callous business in the dust. Anyone who condones cruelty to animals and resorts to attacking those of us who embrace animal rights will never get a penny from me. And guess what Tim, there’s a whole lot of other people who feel the same way as I do.

  • Disappointing. As a former shareholder and current (now former) customer of Dominos, I’m even more ashamed. Dominos are stuck behind the times.

  • I am one of the “extremists” you speak of, and I will continue to push hard against the complacency, cruelty, and heads in the sand attitudes of your company and much of the general public. This is a time in the history of our country for boldness and bravery to work against the powers that be that would seek to ignore the changing climate, the suffering of sentient animals, and the growing health epidemic caused by the standard american diet.

    I don’t need a platform offered by you. I and all those who you would call “extremists” will make our own based on reason, facts, and concern for all life on our only earth. I have a vested interest in fairness, compassion, and justice, and though you may not listen, I will be heard.

  • Those of us that are concerned about climate change are not extremists, for the science is irrefutable. People who choose to ignore the science, because it is inconvenient to their business model, for they put profit first at all costs, including the destruction of the world they live in. That is extreme.

  • This is just a case of a company putting profits above all else. Anyone who cares about human welfare, animal rights, and/or the environment should boycott this company. I’m all for encouraging more nonvegan companies to offer vegan options- and supporting them when they do so (like Ben & Jerry’s). However, clearly Dominos has no interest in moving their stance forward on any ethical or sustainability stance. They are acting like bullies by name calling those who do care. Standing up for human rights, animal rights, and caring for our ONE planet is not an extreme stance. Those fighting to maintain the status quo are the ones taking an extreme path- one of destruction.

  • Wait – what? Mr. McIntyre is labeling the people who are AGAINST needlessly killing sentient individuals as the “extremists”? That’s bizarre. I wonder what label he would use for those who DO needlessly kill others for the sake of a taste preference? Who does he think he’s fooling by using such bombastic and misplaced rhetoric?

    • “Wait – what? Mr. McIntyre is labeling the people who are AGAINST needlessly killing sentient individuals as the “extremists”?”

      Of course he is – killing other animals for food has been a normal practice on this planet since LONG before human beings came around.

  • What a shame that supporting intense cruelty and torture has become something Domino’s finds worthy of fighting for, even to the point of making it something to be proud about. Gross. I’ll make sure I never support Dominos with another one of my hard earned dollars.

  • How sad this is. Dominoes has an opportunity to make a stand and do the right thing. I am very disappointed in your stance on compassionate food/life choices and am thrilled to work with my local Papa John’s who has not only embraced my family and our dairy free life, but have extended discounts and specials to the local vegan club my son started at his high school. I’ll be ordering extra pizza from Papa John’s and encouraging others to do the same…and boycott Dominoes.

  • Not a chance that advocates of compassion and environmental responsibility will ever back down. Brace yourself. While you ignore the truth about cruelty in animal agriculture, and ignore the fact that animal agriculture is responsible for over half of all environmental destruction, there is a growing movement of MILLIONS, soon billions, of smart, dedicated, kind people who want nothing more than to see justice served, and that does not include pizza with animal products.

  • I think a history lesson will show that your “answer” is wrong. People with a just cause don’t become quieter when you stop listening, they become louder. Do your homework. Profit before what is good and right for the inhabitants of the world you share: that is extreme; not people who want you to do the right thing.

  • I am sad for you that you consider it extremist to have compassion for animals. I think you must be crippled by the inability to feel compassion.

    By taking such an arbitrary position, you show the world your lack of willingness to consider additional markets for your products. You are just blindly deciding to give up the market growth from the growing sector who does not eat animal products. You overlook the fact that we influence dining choices far beyond our numbers. I hope your Board of Directors takes note. We and our friends and families will happily go to your competition.

  • Extremism in the face of horror is not unreasonable. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegan. Have some heart. I will NEVER patronize a Domino’s restaurant, and neither will the growing number of vegans in this country. Domino’s is not “leaning into it”, they’re bucking the tide.

  • There is a petition asking for a vegan option, and Dominos feels that they will not cave to extremists ? This is just strange. I thought most good business strive to expand their customer base? Adding something to their current menu seems like good business.

  • Extreme is not placing pigs in gas chambers, to put on a pizza.
    Extreme is telling people not to place pigs in gas chambers.

    If you would like to see the processing of some of your pizza toppings, go here:
    If you would not like to see standardised animal slaughterhouse footage, don’t click on the link – but also don’t base an entire pizza chain off what it is that you refuse to even witness.

    • So full of lies. Extinction? We have more hogs because of farmers not less. More cows, etc. Use your brain for a change.

  • What an ugly position to take by a company. Sure thing that this platform of articles gave me a reason to never buy from Domino’s. Interesting to hear the sentence “It’s a life and we appreciate that—and we’re not afraid to stand up and say it.” What about the lives of the animals? Certainly no stance to appreciate their lives. Not really the people’s either, as animal agriculture destroys our planet for the generation that is already growing up. Not to even mention that eating animal products in the first place is the main reason behind all the leading illnesses and causes of death of the people.

  • I am a proud vegan extremist! Nobody haves to DIE to keep myself living! I don’t need to hurt innocent animals to win my money! In a world where I can choose, my choice is to live causing less harm as possible! I love my freedom and life and think that every living being haves the same right to life and freedom as I do. Extremist though, I know! But I will go on with my extremism defending LIFE while you, kind people keep killing, exploiting, hurting and slavering!

    • And you know, you are quite free to do that, and I don’t of anyone who minds.

      What people mind and find “extreme” is that you (as a group) are trying to force your way on everybody else. You don’t have to call them out on any of this… just change your own behaviour (don’t patronize Dominoes), and if you really are the majority, Dominoes will lose business and possibly even go OUT of business.

      And if you are part of an extremist minority, well, then that won’t happen. Dominoes will be just fine. What they are standing up to isn’t you eating how you like, it’s you preventing others from eating how they like.

      Freedom for you, and freedom for others. I suspect Dominoes will come out quite well ahead on this.

  • Feel very sad that you are closing your eyes for o the facts of the dairy and meat industry. One day you will take your blinkers off and you will feel sooooo guilty. I was vegetarian for 59 years as also blinkered against the horrific cruelty in the dairy industry now vegan and am horrified that I was so naive for so long, Please jut look at the truth, face the facts. Animals should never ever be abused in this way just to give humans a few minutes pleasure.

  • Asking for compassionately sourced food alternatives that do not involve hurting or killing animals is an extreme request? Plant based food is delicious and healthy. Why not offer food that represents kindness and natural goodness from the garden instead of death and suffering?

    • A nice beef steak is also DELICIOUS and healthy!

      • Vegans can’t make this stuff up, the carnies speak and we just laugh at the complete ignorance.

        • Which part of “A nice beef steak is also DELICIOUS and healthy!” is ignorant? Or is everything in the universe that does not comport with your particular ungrounded beliefs inherently “ignorant”?

  • You cannot remain deaf. Compassion will be heard. The truth doesn’t go away…it just gets louder. It is not extreme to want a living being to free to live without confinement, abuse, mutilation and slaughter. What is extreme is your philosophy of indifference to the sanctity of life. You are truly disconnected and you can shut out the animal activists all you want…but you will hear us…you will see us…and we are not going away. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

  • It is staggering how little people think. How little they realize just what it takes for their food to hit the table and how we struggle. Sometimes life is not so pretty. When you have a sick animal on your hands that needs care , sometimes you can’t be gentle because they are fighting you. They don’t understand we are trying to help them. If the AR fools had their way the poor creature would be suffering in the wild or eaten while still alive by a predator. Instead we make them uncomfortable for 20 seconds, give them their medicine and they are healthy and happy. It is crazy to think we WANT to wrestle with large stock. I would give anything to never go to that level. But sometimes the good of the animal is more important than a slight bit of discomfort. Like giving a toddler a shot. Sometimes you have to hold them tight to get it done. But it sure as heck is not the go to. But these fools take those few moments of struggle and make it appear the norm. I wish all people would have to spend a month in my shoes to be able to graduate from school. They might learn things they never knew and gain valuable knowledge about life that is severely lacking. Life is not all sunshine and daisies.

    • “YES, sometimes you have to hold tight and get it done.” PROUD Home Steader, and you’re naturally right again about “Life is not always all sunshine and daisies.” Because it sure as HELL isn’t for those poor HORRIFICALLY ABUSED farm animals!!! I’m so PROUD and pleased to say, that I’m VEGAN…living a happy, healthy, CRUELTY FREE way of life. In order to perhaps upgrade your education, here’s another school lesson for you that some FOOL wrote on behalf of The Humane Society of the good ole’ USA ????????.

      An HSUS Report: The Welfare of Animals in the Meat, Egg, and Dairy Industries


        I can’t speak for everyone in every part of animal husbandry, but in the meat production industry, unhappy animals actually hurt the bottom line, no crazies like you required.

        Unhappy animals produce lower quality meat, and less of it. We want them happy until the moment they die… and that means we don’t even want them to be afraid or in pain as part of being killed! That’s FAR more than they could ever expect in the natural world.

        Why do you hate animals so much that you want them to be torn apart and eaten while they are still dying? Because THAT is the natural world, without human intervention.

  • Why do people waste their time causing this. PETA is the worst. They kill more animals than they help. They are just wanting to cause distruction. All these people are bad. Betty White, Bob Barker. just for a few

  • Well, that’s disappointing. Guess I won’t be ordering from you guys anymore. Glad I found out, though.

  • I thank you very much for helping a farmers and I will stand up to because I was a farm back in the days​ so a no what you mean thanks again for all of the things you do

  • I am not an extremist nor an activist but I am vegan and can’t see the problem with people trying to look after the welfare of animals. They are living breathing creatures with as much right to life as you or I. I hope one day you wake up and realise the pain and suffering caused and change your mind

  • Wow, obviously you don’t support the farmers who are tesponsible for the abborent abuses seen in undercover videos.

  • What the extremists dont want to understand or read is that there are laws (and have been since the 1920s) that prohibit the exploited abuses that they claim happen in America.

    Did you know that Halal killing is the most cruel and inhumane way to process meat, yet Animal Rights extremists tout it as an ethical way to process meat.

    Please google and watch a Halal butcher. Want to scream about “church and state”?????????????

  • The ego speaking there in that “article”… the lack of compassion for humans with a different voice, the lack of empathy for the animals your industry uses, abuses, and profits from, the pride you have in your lack of compassion, empathy. Your extremist behavior: stubbornness, closed-mindedness, condescending attitude..all of these are old ways, un-evolved ways of thinking and operating, and as your business begins to fail because of your unwillingness to change and evolve and adapt, and our planet shows it’s suffering more, and you are forced to see your role in that, you will have proven yourself to be bad at business and bad at the business of being human…and everyone will see that you have fallen on the wrong side of history.

  • Yay!
    Enough of the pressure from a small group of well funded terrorists. They want no one to eat meat or own ANY pet. McDonalds, Burger King and the like will all go out of business someday if the extremes have their way. I think there are more carnivores out there than vegetarians and more folks/business should speak up We are still a free country!

    • Carnivores only eat meat, so for example, the Eskimo people are primarily carnivores, with a damn near total lack of access to fresh vegetables. Omnivores eat meat, carbs, vegetables, and fruit.

    • hahaha what Trumpster? Apparently i didn’t get the well funded animal loving terrorist invitation. Hey can someone please invite me? I’m just a middle class American that cares about animals, but apparently I’m supposed to be well funded to care about them? I must fail as a vegan since i have 7 rescued pets in my house because according to you vegans aren’t allowed to have pets.. news to me! And not being well funded unfortunately that means my paycheck pays for their wellbeing.

      McDonalds, Burger King and the like going out of business is a bad thing? The fast food companies that are causing obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and death.. of HUMANS. Its a free country, unless you’re non human, then you’re tortured and murdered so some ignorant carnie can stick a fork in you and cause their own heart attack. The fact that you don’t know this makes me question your education let alone your ethics.

  • Yay!! I am proud of Dominoes!

    Enough of the minority(well funded) big mouth extremists trying to tell everyone how to eat, or what to wear, or how to farm or whether they can even own a pet.
    More carnivores than vegetarians out there. We need to be speaking up.

  • Comments that contain foul language and/or name calling are being deleted. Keep your comments respectful and you will see them published on this thread. ~Admin

  • WOW! Well that being said, and because I have never had a problem ordering a Vegan Pizza from my Dominoes, I guess since hearing this very bad attitude, I will have to take a stand too. If you do not care about our planet and the furture of it, then I see no reason to ever order from you again. I shall miss your pizzas! But Pizza Hut will let me order a custom pizza and it is so good. Sorry for your bad attitude.

  • Refreshing. Thank you Domino’s. On the behalf of all reasonable people, I can tell you it will be nothing but Domino’s pizza at our house. Animal care is important, not reasonable person can say otherwise, but extremists should not be speaking for masses.

    • I’m surprised by the level of ignorance by the “haters” of Domino’s statement.

      First of all humans and all living organisms belong and function daily inside a food chain. Plants and animals symbiotically exists because of this natural biotic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. Read about it, get educated, then try to state how a human eating an animal is unjustified and cruel!

      Secondly, It would be possible for sure to produce enough grain for society to live on, but talk about cruel, who would then have a vested interest in keeping these “poor” animals alive as pets then? Feed cost for cattle pigs and chickens would be astronomical if no revenue could be returned from a sale! Again, get educated! These poor animals would not exist if humans had no economic need for them. Sad but true.

      Thirdly, the plants raised for “vegans” are raised by the same people who are in the protein business of beef chicken and hogs. What are their tractors going to run on without fuel and steel and the other huge capital investments that they have made to get by? Profit is not the only reason we do what we do! If it was we would probably all sell out and get a 9-5 job that’s only 5 days a week with stat holidays and paid vacations.

      Farming is generational and profits are made over a lifetime not set at hiring. Markets change and expenses can come unexpectedly.

      By far, farming and ranching and caring for animals is a full time job and the “haters” who have no idea what is involved need to learn form someone in the industry and not what they read on the internet.

      Lastly, I defy anyone to find something that is naturally grown like grain, fruits and vegetables, beef chicken and pigs to test it and be “hormone free”. Unless it’s synthetic it has hormones. A head of cabbage (4000 ng) and a glass of soy milk (200000ng) verses a 5 oz steak (1.3 ng).
      Google it!

      I am not going to tell someone how to live, and where they should eat or what they should eat. I’m asking people to truely look into their believes and ask themselves how they got them and who they learn led from. Ignorance is a dangerous weapon, passing it on does nothing but feed more ingnorance.

  • Guess I’ll continue with Papa Johns. Can’t see supporting a company who doesn’t care about the people who don’t eat suffering and death

  • How is it extreme to care about how animals are treated? Don’t you want to know that you are supporting farms that put the well fair of their animals first? I don’t support the killing of animals, and hope people will realize what an unhealthy choice they are making for the animals, their selves, and the planet. If Domino’s wants to be “deaf” to our out cries over animal cruelty issues, I guess we will just have to get LOUDER!! I will never eat at dominos ever again, and you can bet your sweet ass there will be major protests coming your way.

  • It is tremendous to see that you are supporting the farmer that prides himself in the care he affords his animals. If only most people recognized the dedication of the farming public to the rearing of their livestock in a humane fashion. Some of the people that are responding adversely to your messaging need to step away from their computer and actually go to a farm and get educated on our humane farming practices. The producer knows best because all of those animals are a personal reflection on them as an individual and of their farm! Again, great job.

    • “The producer knows best because all of those animals are a personal reflection on them as an individual and of their farm!” except, as you know, many large “factory farms” have shown they *don’t* care anything about the animals, just the profit margin.

  • these people that complain about how their food is produced ought to get into farming and do it right. they have no clue where to even start or the mountain of debt that it takes even to enter farming on a small scale. I would bet they wouldnt make it for six months due the fact that you work seven days a week with no holidays if you have cattle. I have devoted my life to dairy farming and doing the best possible job that i can do.the best part of farming is knowing i will have food on my familys table when these know it alls cant find any. thanks dominos thomas olson

  • Domino’s could have just remained silent on the issue. Instead they had to a have a nitwit company spokesman double-down on factory farming AND call Domino’s customers “animal rights extremists.” I like and eat Domino’s pizzas. And i’ve had my last one tonight. Thanks, Dominos, for turning me int an “animal rights extremist.”

  • Mc Intyre is just one of big ag’s puppets.
    He Claims that animal right’s activists are a wealthy elite, “disguise” as customers and
    demand changes in how industrial agriculture treats animals. What a crap!
    Guys like him are just old fashioned who rather stick to their old ways, since
    anything beyond their limited horizon scares them.
    I’m sure that this attitude will in the long term turn out to be very counterproductive to Domino
    Pizza’s Business. For my pert, I talk everybody I know to avoid businesses like Domino’s.

    • This guy McIntyre will crash and burn Dominos all on his own. There is nothing wealthy or elite about compassion. Most vegans/animal lovers i know have no money at all, we are middle class at best. You can’t put a price on following your morals.

  • Yet another reason not to order from Domino’s. One of the least progressive companies, although I predict they will one day offer some vegan options as they come to terms with the fact that veganism is becoming more mainstream and there is profit to be made . ‘Extremists’ like their pizza too

  • What a complete sell out Domino’s is for the animals. The only extreme thing is your pizza that is filled with extreme abuse of all the animals that are raised in horrific conditions and then slaughtered for profit, even knowing about the conditions of these animals and the widespread disease that is caused by eating the flesh and secretions of the animals. Mr. IncIntyre you are the extremist in promoting the extreme suffering of sentient beings. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Wow, it never ceases to amaze me when big business (read, it’s all about the $$$) claims those caring about the lives of other beings are extreme. What is extreme is that these animals are artificially bred, raised to suffer and die for $$ and the momentary pleasure of satisfying taste buds. Those of you commenting “yay dominos” should just think for a minute… you wouldn’t want this suffering for anyone.. you are not practicing your own values by supporting this… wake up and make the connection.

  • I will NEVER buy your products again! All I want in farm animals to be treated humanely. I guess that makes me an “extremist.” I purchased from you for decades, but never again!

  • I will NEVER buy any product from Domino’s again. I guess I am just an “extremist” because I want farm animals to be treated humanely. You get your products from big factory farms, not some little rural farmer. It is just greed. I purchased from you for decades, but not any more! I am taking my business elsewhere.

  • I had continued to eat Dominos in a modified way after I became vegan, some of your dough and sauce without cheese is still accidentally vegan. And you know what, you make a damn fortune off people like me because you charge me the same price as you would any other customer who had cheese on their pizza without actually using the cheese and the cheese is the whole freaking cost of the pizza. I work in pizza too and I know that the dough and sauce cost about 1.25. I have read this article, I have heard how despicable you are, and I will never give you another cent. You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you call people extremists who are making real sacrifices in order not to cause any suffering. And how dare you talk about your stubborn will as if you were a hero to exploits everywhere.

  • So Domino’s values profits over animal welfare. Good to know. I’ll order elsewhere from now on.

  • When compassion is viewed as extreme, humanity is in big trouble. What these animals suffer to produce a mouthful of cheese is revolting. There are so many alternatives better for the planet, our health and the animals that there is just no excuse for continuing to defend the mass exploitation and suffering inherent in the dairy industry. I grew up on a ranch in Texas…we had cattle…I know the truth about what happens to them.

  • I can’t believe you’re not using cage free eggs. Not cool.

    You’ve got the money to do the right thing – just choosing not to.

  • Pfftttt good luck being a successful business in a world that is waking up to the realities of climate change and animal agriculture. With a selfish and closed off attitude like this, your business will soon be bankrupt. I look forward to seeing all the boycotting that’s about to go down!

    • If their profits haven’t changed (or actually gone up) in the next, say, 6 months, will you finally realize how small a minority you’re actually in?

      Really, you’re quite free to live your own life, and I’m happy for you… just leave the rest of us normal people alone, OK?

  • Hmmm what was the name of that company with the elephants?? I think they called themselves “the greatest show on earth?” They took a similar stance. I wonder what ever happened to them?

  • What an archaic attitude from Dominos. Failing to keep up with what intelligent people are waking up to and sticking their heads in the sand is a recipe for collapse. There are many more enlightened companies to take their place.

  • If this is your stance on animal wellfare and factory farming SOP, then I am not sorry to say that even though your pizza is not bad, I, for one, will not spend my money at your franchise again. Thanks for being honest, and informing the public so that we can make better decisions on what we fund.

  • So dumb. I would get dominos pizzas all the time if they sinply had dairy free cheese. Us vegans don’t have many pizza options so if one pizza company just offered dairy free cheese, they could easily make a few extra bucks

    • As someone with dairy-free family members (for medical reasons, so there’s no wiggle room), I can tell you that dairy-free “cheese” is terrible, crazy expensive, or both.

      The number of people who would buy it if it was terrible is small. The number of people who would buy it if it was expensive is not large enough to support low-end, mass-production chains like Dominoes (there are plenty of niche places that do… for quite high prices, of course).

      So, no, they wouldn’t make “a few extra bucks” – they would most likely LOSE money on it.

  • This is just one report of many that exist in regards to the EXTREME CRUELTY that takes place on a daily basis in much of the meat, dairy, and poultry industry. Yet we PROUD VEGANS who believe in following their moral compass by leading a CRUELTY GUILT FREE way of life are labeled as being the extremists rather than the compassionate rationalists that we clearly are.

    DiGiorno Dairy Supplier Drops Farm Accused Of Animal Abuse (VIDEO)

  • It is extremely violating to ejaculate bulls and impregnate cows against their will. It is extremely cruel to separate mother cows from their newborn babies just so that you can profit from mother’s milk that is not yours. Good people everywhere are choosing to reject animal-based foods. Your callous desire for personal profit is shameful and you will find yourselves on the wrong side of history. Please create plant-based products for human health, for our shared environment, and to reduce the suffering of animals.

  • Dominos you have shown your arrogant selfish ways, you care only about profit. Your stance on the welfare of animals can make or break a company.. your choice will come back to bite you. Ironically the quality of the food you offer also shows you don’t care about the welfare of your customers. Greasy dirty foods that cause heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are what you feed your customers and demonstrates how you really feel about them. Consider healthier vegan options. Vegans live a lot longer, hence your vegan customers would be around MANY years longer to spend money at your establishment. I used to eat your pizza, but never again.

  • Love all the people here who are literally proving Tims point to a T. Im sure you guys are the same ones who believe rodeo stock contractors harm their animals

  • Domino’s support for animal agriculture is to be commended. American farmers – big and small- are devoted to producing a safe food supply for our customers while providing for our livestock in a humane manner. If one chooses not to eat animal proteins, that is their choice. For those of us who choose to consumer animal proteins as part of a healthy diet, we appreciate those companies who respect producers to raise our animals in a safe and humane manner.

  • I hope all the vegans and those boycotting Domino’s don’t have anything with animal by products in their possession. No leather seats in cars or furniture. No leather clothing etc… just saying lots of things have animal by products, should do your research if you don’t want to support animal agriculture.

  • You do know that dogs are not food animals in the United States right? Your insight is no where near the mark. Dogs are eaten quite often in Asian countries, they even hang the carcass in the food markets for purchase. Cows, chickens etc are FOOD ANIMALS. That is the reason they exist, humans consume them. They are raised differently than a pet for that very reason. Bottom line is the claims from most of the commenters on this topic are completely false. Farmers are people with families, bills to pay, kids to send to college and they ARE the EXPERTS in their field. They care for their animals 24/7 and are good, hard working people. According to the US Department of Agriculture, 96% of farms in the US are FAMILY OWNED. So this claim of “factory” or “corporate” farms is just more unfounded activist rhetoric. Bottom line is farmers are good people, and without them we would be standing in a line to get one loaf of bread (think about that for a moment). I salute Dominos for taking a stand, backing the good farm families in our country and not caving to a group of people who have never been to a farm or even met a farmer, yet claim they know how it should be done. I’m going out right now to order a large Dominos pizza with extra meat!

  • Please tell me this policy extends to Dominos in Canada as well. You’ve just got a bunch of new customers here in cattle country in Southern Alberta if it does. Well done not caving those who rail against our industry. You’re right, we know how to raise our stock in a sustainable, humane, and efficient manner. We’ll gladly support your business as long as this common sense respectful policy is in effect. Thank you so much Dominos for restoring our faith that there is some common sense left.

  • Hell yah Dominos! I will eat your pizza MORE now. I am from Wisconsin, land of farms. I’ve worked on farms as well as grown up around them my whole life. I’m not a huge meat eater but not because of animal cruelty but because I’m just more of a veggie person. Don’t get me wrong, i can enjoy a big ol burger. 🙂

    You animal activists don’t know what you’re talkin about.. This is the way of the land-has been for.. Ever. Do i think there are bad people out there who do crappy things, yes. But that is NOT how good farmers do it. Farmers realize that their animals are producing goods, which they are thankful for. They treat their animals with respect as if they were staying forever.

  • Since when is sympathy for a living being’s suffering extreme?

    Dominos should stay deaf, just as hundreds of people will stay deaf to their sad marketing tricks and desperate advertising. A company that does not evolve with what customers want is bound to fail.

  • Make no mistake, this is not a stand in protection of farmers.

    This is nothing but a cheap cop-out for Dominos who won’t stop lining their pockets with cheap meat money. Unlike them, the majority of companies and supermarkets listened to what their customers wanted and now have better quality products, only Dominos is left in the dust. Corporate greed at its finest.

  • Putting the words ‘Animal activist’ and ‘Extremist’ in the same sentence is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Humans are not the only beings living on this planet. And in fact human beings are the ones doing the most harm to this planet. So when people want to be advocates for the voiceless and try help innocent animals. My friend, there is nothing extremist about that. The dairy and meat industry are the extremists. Domino’s, you make me sick!

  • The farmer knows best? That leaves it wide open. That depends on the ethics of the farmer doesn’t it? This comment just made it clear that Dominos merely does not care about their customers or the treatment of the animals used to make their food enough to inquire about whether or not they are humane or ethically sourced or if they use pesticides, GMO’s fungicides etc… Definitely lost a customer here. As well as my family. We will never eat here again.

  • You do realize that if these animals aren’t raised to provide us with protein, then they will soon become extinct. No one is going to keep pet pigs, cows, or turkeys. If they are let free because they no longer have any economic value, they would all soon die a violent death from their predators. This would be more humane how?

    God gave us the animals to eat for the nourishment of our bodies, just like fruits and vegetables. If you elect not to consume them, that’s your choice and I am not going to tell you how to live your life. My only request is to realize that eliminating the production of these animals does not fix the problem. They will still be killed and some species, like cows, chickens and turkeys would soon become extinct. Hogs could adapt to live in the wild but they are very dangerous and destructive so they would no doubt be poached, but that’s a different problem!

  • God didn’t naturally give us these animals to eat. They are bred for the demand. If we breed women to be raped, would that be morally justified? Or breed men to be slaves, that would be okay too?

    If God gave us animals to eat, why are humans the only animal to develope atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and all sorts of disease from eating them? Why does it disgust most people to see slaughterhouse footage? Why would most people be disgusted to kill an animal? Or teach their child how to kill? Or eat a dog? Raw, in it’s natural state?

    I realize that the farmed animals wouldn’t be here if we stopped eating/breeding them. Do you think we should forcible rape animals to bring life into the world just to be mutalated, tortured, and slaughtered when it’s unnecessary for our health or survival?

    100+ species of other animals are going extinct every day, with the leasing cause tired to animal agriculture – the leading contributor of going greenhouse gases (51%), leading cause of ocean pollution and habitat destruction (91% of Amazon).

    If you care about animals, if you care about the planet, if you care about life, you should consider stoping your contribution to death. Over 400 million less animals were slaughtered annually in the US from 2007 to 2014. Veganism (and others willing to reduce their death contribution) are making a difference. You can help.

  • Speaking from experience, most vegan are highly delusional. You need nutrition so that those tiny brain cells could grow

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