Digital marketing a tool to build beef demand

The Minnesota Beef Council is leveraging digital marketing to build demand.

CEO Kelly Schmidt says its an easy way to target consumers.

“Anytime that they are looking for beef recipes or knowledge about beef or questions about where their food comes from, we want to make sure we’re there in front of them giving them good, accurate facts and making sure they have resources back to our webpage or the “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner” webpage.”

He tells Brownfield that national ad campaign continues to be very effective.

“So it’s always top of mind and at the fingertips of the consumer, kind of when they want it where they want it. And we do that through partnering with different agencies to make sure that, it’s kind of like we all do with our phones, when you search something all the sudden you see the adds. We do that with consumers who are looking for beef.”

The “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner” brand was launched in 1992 and online offers recipes, beef cuts, cooking tips, and nutritional information.

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