Dicamba-tolerant soybeans take step forward

Dicamba-tolerant soybeans have taken another step forward in the Monsanto research and development pipeline. 

Monsanto vice president for biotechnology, Steve Padgette, says the dicamba-tolerant beans have advanced to “Phase 4”—the final step before commercialization.

“This is a big step towards the enablement of the industry’s first herbicide-tolerant stacked trait package for soybeans,” Padgette says. “We plan to stack the dicamba-tolerance trait with Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans.”

Padgette says the addition of dicamba-tolerance to the Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean platform would enable the use of dicamba and glyphosate for pre-plant burndown and in-season weed control.

“It’s a key component of a long-term weed management program that would allow us to use our biotech packages in combination with Roundup and other herbicides to provide affordable and effective weed control for farmers.”

Padgette says commercialization of the stacked-trait soybeans could be two to three years away as the company continues to seek regulatory approvals.

Monsanto annual R&D pipeline update–conference call with vp for biotechnology, Steve Padgette, and vp for breeding technology, Bob Reiter (13 min MP3)

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