Despite SCOTUS setback, there are still multiple paths for year-round E15

A biofuels group says there are alternate routes to higher blends of ethanol despite a recent roadblock from the nation’s highest court.

Joe Kakesh is the General Counsel with Growth Energy and says they will continue to work with EPA to create industry-friendly regulations. “To create fairness and parody between E10 and E15 as well. We’re continuing to explore those with EPA and try to understand its position for the rule-making and the timing to make it happen.”

The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it will not take up Growth Energy’s petition that would’ve expanded sales of E15 year-round.

Growth Energy filed a petition in October against a ruling that said EPA acted outside of its authority when granting the year-round waiver in 2019.

Kakesh tells Brownfield another option to ensure year-round sales of E15 is through legislation. “There two bills that are still alive in the Senate and House,” Kakesh says. “Bipartisan legislation to correct the statute in a sense to make it clear that RVP waiver should be extended to E15 year-round.”

Kakesh said the Court didn’t offer a reason why it turned down the petition.

  • When will the ethanol industry wake up and see EPA doesn’t like agriculture and thus doesn’t like ethanol. Time for the state to grant the one pound waiver and based on the the intent of the Clean Air Act. If we simply add ethanol to current gasoline, emission improve. Unfortunately, EPA on several occasions models ethanol making air quality worse. Don’t trust EPA.

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