Dekalb Asgrow on SD crop conditions and management

An agronomist with Dekalb Asgrow in central and west-central South Dakota says drought conditions are taking a toll on crops. Gary Hegg told Brownfield late last week, “Historically, at this point, we’re usually around anywhere from 10 to 12 inches of rainfall in season and I don’t know if we’re even half that in most of our locations.”

Hegg tells Brownfield typical drought stress is showing on corn and soybean plants.

“We know full well that there is a yield tax going on when that happens. To say how much, it’s too early in the season to be able to predict that.”

He says the tassel stage on corn is a couple weeks away and will tell the tale on yield reductions. Some scattered moisture, he says, is helping soybean plants which have begun flowering.

Hegg says several growers have started applying fungicide (Delaro Complete) to combat white mold…

Several areas of South Dakota got scattered rain over the weekend.   

Interview with Gary Hegg ^

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