Deering: Stimulus is only short-term help for cattle producers

The executive vice president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association says the stimulus bill passed by Congress is appreciated but a short-term remedy and not a complete fix. Mike Deering tells Brownfield Ag News, “It’s unprecedented for us to ask for direct payments like this but there are people who REALLY need help right now. People are hurting. We’re not overly optimistic that this is going to make everybody happy or solve the problem. We’re not naïve to that fact.”

Deering says there are long term issues for cattle producers that must be fixed, “The markets are not working the way they should be and what our members really want is just to stop being taken advantage of!”

Deering says the Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting system (LMPR) is up for reauthorization this year and NOW is the time to be having these discussions about long-term remedies for cattle producers. Deering says some of his members have called him in tears worried about their survival in the industry. Deering says Missouri Cattlemen’s will keep working with Iowa and Nebraska cattle groups to push for change.

Interview with Mike Deering

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