Days remain for Livestock Mandatory Reporting Rule

The end of September could leave livestock markets without transparent price reporting.

American Farm Bureau’s Scott Bennet tells Brownfield Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting is set to lapse this week, “We at American Farm Bureau are concerned that if there is any lapse in Livestock Mandatory Reporting that there would be significant impact to the industry and its ability to report publicly transactions within the livestock sector.”

He’s watching some last-minute extension bills, “To try and fast track a temporary or short-term extension of Livestock Mandatory Reporting—we think that will give us a little bit of breathing room in order to have another stab at a long-term reauthorization.”

Bennett says it’s not the first time it’s lapsed, but it could coincide with a government shutdown which would be a first and further complicate pricing issues within the livestock sector.

Bennet spoke with Brownfield during the Ohio Farm Bureau’s Washington Leadership Experience.

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