Dairy checkoff markets to Generation Z

The leader of the dairy checkoff says consumers’ expectations are shifting and the criteria they use for choosing foods are evolving. 

Barbara O’Brien with Dairy Management Inc. says there is an opportunity for dairy to step in and meet consumers’ needs but reaching Generation Z is different from past marketing efforts. “It is a complex that the Gen Z consumer, the millennial consumer, can enter at any point and be influenced from any starting point, whether that’s in store, or online, or through an influencer, through a peer.”

And, how does DMI reach that consumer? O’Brien says, “It becomes a very complex sort of maze of how we ensure that consumers are getting the information they need about our products, about the good work of the industry, all of which are weighing into that purchase decision.”

O’Brien says farmers can help by doing what they’re already doing, telling their story about sustainable production.

Barb O’Brien with Larry Lee at World Dairy Expo 2022

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