Crop physiologist reveals six secrets to soybean success

Five years of research funded by Illinois soybean checkoff dollars has helped one crop physiologist determine the six secrets of soybean success.

“Number one, sadly, is the one growers have the least control over and it’s the weather. Every grower knows weather makes a big difference and weather determines planting date, but if growers can plant earlier, it generally helps.”

Fred Below with the University of Illinois tells Brownfield the remaining five are all things farmers can manage including fertility, foliar protection, genetics, row spacing and seed treatment.

“The other five secrets differ in order of value dependent on the weather, but they all play an important role.”

Below says growers should strive to put the six practices into a high systems package and allow them to work together to increase soybean yield.

Brownfield interviewed Below at the Illinois Soy Advisor Better Bean Series in Champaign.

Interview with Fred Below

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