Crop insurance for increased pests and disease

The crop insurance director for the Farmer Business Network encourages growers to look at optional enhancements to their overall coverage because of increased pest and disease pressures.

Eric Sorensen gives an example, “We had a few claims that were a loss on corn, I believe it was, from armyworms. I personally had never encountered that before but I know of at least two of our customers that were hit really hard from that and it just, overnight, pretty much annihilated the crop.”

He says farmers might have white mold or SDS in certain soybean fields where there’s a likelihood of recurrence.

“I would just encourage you to really take a look at that on a case-specific basis and talk to your agent about, you know, is there anything we can do for X, Y, Z, whatever pressure that might be.”

Sorensen says crop insurance is multi-peril, meant to cover everything, but tweaks can be made to enhance protection.

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