Cow activity monitor technology is advancing

A dairy industry supplier says technology is helping producers monitor more of their cow’s activities.

Ken Berberich from Afimilk tells Brownfield activity monitors have been a part of managing dairy cattle for nearly 20 years, but now, the technology can keep track of nearly every movement and help herd managers catch problems earlier.  “We can also record now off that same sensor if a cow stands up in it’s stall and lays down, and stands back up and lays down, and this is a sign to go check that cow probably for lameness because what it’s doing is it’s recording the cow is getting up and it’s not wanting to walk to go get water or go get feed.”

Sensor technology is also telling producers what’s in the milk as it leaves the cow.

“Every four centimeters of milk that comes through the meter when the cow is being milked, we’re also recording fat, protein, lactose, and blood through the cow.  By doing this, we can set up a PH level in the milk that will determine if the cow is having early signs of ketotic conditions or we can also check feed rations.”

He says modern sensors can detect everything from motion to heat and calving, allowing managers to take care of issues sooner.

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