Cotton acres down on year, rice up

The USDA says farmers planted fewer acres of cotton this year, while rice acreage was higher.

Upland cotton planted area was 11.577 million acres, 3% less than last year, and less than what analysts were expecting heading into the report.

Rice acreage was 2.661 million acres, down 375,000 from 2020 and close to pre-report estimates, with harvested area of 2.616 million acres, implying a roughly steady rate of abandonment.

This report does not take into account any loss or damage since the survey was completed June 17th.

The USDA’s next set of production projections is out July 12th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Cotton: 410,000 acres, compared to 525,000 in 2020; Rice: planted area: 1.241 million acres, compared to 1.461 million in 2020; harvested area of 1.216 million acres, compared to 1.441 million a year ago

Missouri: Cotton: 390,000 acres, compared to 295,000 in 2020; Rice: planted area: 238,000 acres, compared to 228,000 in 2020; harvested area of 233,000 acres, compared to 214,000 a year ago

Tennessee: Cotton: 310,000 acres, compared to 280,000 in 2020

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