Cornell study highlights impact of AEB on egg industry

A new study from Cornell University shows the American Egg Board has helped create nearly a billion dollars in yearly revenue for US egg producers.

Dr. Harry Kaiser, professor of economics with Cornell University, says farmers have earned a 10-to-1 return on investment over the last five years.

“For every dollar that was invested by egg producers in the AEB’s domestic and foreign market operations, those activities returned $10.11 back to the industry in operating profits or net revenue,” he said.”

The study found that AEB’s effect on the US egg sector created an additional $914 million per year in total revenue.

Kaiser says the rate of return has been increasing yearly. “It’s demonstrating that the AEB is becoming even more efficient in terms of its programming efforts in maximizing its return to egg producers.”

He says the study also found the egg industry had positive spillover effects to the general economy.

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