Corn rootworm pressure getting worse

Corn rootworm pressure has gone from bad to worse.

Corteva U.S. Pioneer marketing leader Amanda Rinehart says 2020 was a bad year for corn rootworm.

“We saw increased pressures in 2020 and 2021, (and) are anticipating that probably again for 2022. So your typical corn rootworm geographies are seeing that increased pressure.”

She tells Brownfield a lack of moisture has allowed corn rootworm numbers to grow.

“So we’re encouraging farmers to always follow their best management practices, as they typically would. Use a traited product, such as Qrome, (and) use some of those additional tools (like) rotation and make sure you’re working with your local agronomist to really understand what that looks like in your specific area.”

Rinehart says in anticipation of continued pressure in 2022, growers should consider hybrids and seed treatments that help control corn rootworm.

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