Corn Growers applaud EPA’s reversal on SREs

The president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association says the EPA agreeing with the 10th Circuit Appeals Court decision limiting small refinery exemptions will add stability back into the ethanol market.  

“With the plants going offline and coming back online and going back offline the last few years, that was really jerking the chains of a lot of producers out there across the countryside,” And Jobman said.

Jobman tells Brownfield the Trump administration’s use of SREs was flawed… 

“We’re really looking forward to working with the Biden administration in ramping up ethanol blends across the country,” he said. “And so, hopefully this is kind of a first step towards doing that and what we hope will be a really great working relationship.”

National Corn Growers President John Linder said the EPA’s reversal under the new administration is promising for future markets. 

“[It] kind of shows us indicators of the opportunities that come in the new administration to look at things a little more equitably, a little more fairly,” Linder said.

Jobman said corn farmers will likely see expanded market opportunities for ethanol like the aviation and marine industries under Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. 

Andy Jobman Interview
John Linder on SREs

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