Corn and soy leaders react to new Milwaukee export facility

The DeLong family at the groundbreaking ceremony for their future Port Milwaukee facility

Commodity group leaders are excited about a new agricultural export facility being built by the DeLong Company in Milwaukee. 

Ken Rosenow

Ken Rosenow with the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board farms about 900 acres in the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin area. He tells Brownfield, “We’ve been trying to get more and more products into the European market, especially. We’ve been doing well with Japan and Southeast Asia and so forth, but to get more of our corn in any form going into Europe is great news.”

Robert Karls

Rosenow tells Brownfield the ability to ship from Port Milwaukee will help farmers. “I think that’s really going to have a big effect on our producers here in Wisconsin because we’re kind of on the end of the chain of the Mississippi so this gives us another outlet.”

When completed a year from now, the DeLong facility will begin by shipping dried distillers grains, but Robert Karls with the Wisconsin Soybean Association is looking forward to their future expansion. “Working through the Great Lakes with the St. Lawrence Seaway, that’s definitely something that we’ve been working on for quite some time. We’re thrilled the DeLong Company has made this investment and this capital improvement.”

The 35-million-dollar DeLong Agricultural Maritime Export Facility is already under construction and is expected to open next October.

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