Cool weather slows planting in northwest Minnesota

Cool soils have slowed planting in northwest Minnesota.

Austen Germolus farms near Borup and says winter seemed to hang on longer than usual.

“Quite a few farmers around our area got a lot of wheat in the end of March (and) first part of April, but then we had an inch and-a-half of rain (and) a little bit of snow. And the frost is still coming out of the ground, so it’s been slow going.”

He tells Brownfield soil temps are in the low 40’s now, but the forecast is calling for a return of 60 and 70-degree weather like at the beginning of the month.

“We saw soil temps climb rapidly, but then we got that cold snap middle of April and they dropped back down pretty fast. But we have longer days now, so we get more sunlight, and it doesn’t take long to warm that ground up if it’s black.”

Germolus plans to finish seeding his spring wheat this week then move right into corn planting.

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