Consumers less familiar with meat


A new study of meat trends finds consumers are increasingly less familiar with meat.

“I say the biggest finding this year is the notation of shoppers being increasingly uncertain how to shop for meat and how to prepare it.”

Anne-Marie Roerink is with 210 Analytics, a marketing research firm that specializes in the food industry, which just released the 13th Annual Power of Meat survey.  She says over the last decade millennials have started to overtake baby boomers as the largest segment of meat buyers.  “They never saw their moms cook, we took home economics out of schools, a lot of these shoppers started cooking with the microwave more so than the skillet, and it really affected peoples’ meat knowledge and comfort level.”

She says consumers want a personalized experience in the meat case and labels are huge, with ethical living and transparency driving new sales.  “The new dollars that are driven in the meat case are very much coming from areas with specialty claims, be it organic or grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free.”

Roerink says 83 percent of shoppers only buy a handful of cuts which leaves a lot of room to increase consumers’ meat knowledge and purchases.

Other findings include shoppers wanting more health and nutrition information, convenience, transparency and affordable meat choices.

AUDIO: Interview with Anne-Marie Roerink

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