Consumers care about energy independence

Ethanol resonates with consumers who care about U.S. energy security.

Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the need to have home-grown fuel.

“And we saw the impact that had on pump prices here in the U.S. (and) I think energy security and the need to diversify our domestic energy supply is certainly top of mind for American families and consumers today.”

He tells Brownfield that has not been a focus over the past decade when domestic energy supplies and crude oil production were growing.

“But I think what we’ve learned over the course of the last year is the actions of a thug dictator half a world away can still result in prices here at the pump in the U.S. jumping by a Dollar a gallon or more.”

Cooper says Americans recognize the need to insulate the country by increasing use of domestically produced renewable fuels.

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