Consumer trends emerging in the farm market space

A global agricultural consultant says farmers need to be bolder in promoting themselves on the products they produce.

John Stanely tells Brownfield the pandemic has only intensified consumers’ need to connect with their food and the people who produce it.

“I think it’s a time in the evolution of the industry where farmers need to expose themselves more to the consumer,” he says.  “We live in a world where most people know their doctor, know their teachers at school, but they don’t know their farmer.”

He says on-farm retailing now offers farmers more potential for additional revenue compared to agritourism ventures.

“What we’re seeing now is more and more farmers wanting to put on a farm market and actually do their retailing on the farm—that is probably the biggest growth—that’s not just in America, that’s in other countries as well,” he explains.

Stanley also expects supply chain challenges to cause consumers to shift to more seasonal eating and pick-your-own opportunities to increase.

Stanely was the keynote speaker at the recent Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Farm Market Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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