Consultant says farmers need to know their carbon scores

A crop consultant says there are different opportunities available for farmers to generate income from carbon programs.

Mitchell Hora is a 7th generation southeast Iowa farmer and consultant who encourages farmers to explore the ways regenerative farming and a low carbon intensity score can improve the farm’s bottom line. 

Hora says 93% of farmers know about carbon programs, but less than 3% participate because the money isn’t there for them.  He says a farmer’s carbon footprint is really a part of the carbon footprint of the next player in the supply chain, so farmers need to know their data. “Quantify what we are doing on our farms because of these regenerative practices, because our story is part of their story.”

And, he says those companies have likely made commitments to lower their carbon footprint by a specific date.  Hora says companies will need farmer data to prove their carbon compliance. “The biggest contributor to their carbon footprint today is the farm. The biggest opportunity for them to lower their footprint and improve, and meet their goals is the farm.”

Hora says his corn has a negative 4 carbon score, which lowers the carbon score for his buyers, and having that data makes his corn attractive to buyers trying to meet carbon goals.

Hora was a presenter at the Wisconsin Water and Soil Health Conference Thursday in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

  • Perhaps many farmers don’t participate not just because it is not profitable but also because they see the nonsense that all this is. A carbon score! It may be profitable for their buyers but lets be real. I think it’s a bunch of crap, promoted by government control agencies. Modern farmers need to be like our ancestors and when a government car pulls up we should be skeptical, as Ronald Reagan warned “I’m from the government and I’m here to to help.” Should be dangerous words not to be trusted.

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