Congressman wants a legislative fix to WOTUS

Kansas Congressman Tracey Mann says lawmakers are ready to intervene and provide clarity for the Waters of the US rule after EPA’s latest revision.

“If it’s not resolved in the courts quickly or if it’s not resolved favorably, I think there’s a role for Congress to weigh in here.”

Several ag groups filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this week over WOTUS and Mann says Congress has intervened previously with the Clean Water Act.

The Republican House Ag Committee member tells Brownfield environmental regulations could be folded into the 2023 Farm Bill. “We need to look at the best title for that to go into.  Maybe there needs to be another title for regulations and oversight.

And, he says, the latest rule is blatant overreach by the federal government. “The Clean Water Act should not give the federal government the ability to regulate or oversee or jurisdiction over farm ponds or ditches.  This is crazy.”

Mann says producers have faced several definitions of water over the last decade and it’s time to provide clarity for farmers and ranchers.

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