Congressman calls for more support for healthy foods in SNAP

A Nebraska Congressman says there isn’t enough support for healthy foods in the current farm bill.

Don Bacon tells Brownfield the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program needs additional resources to expand programs. “I like the double bucks program that when you buy healthy fruits and vegetables, your SNAP money goes twice as far.”

He says eliminating the “cliff effect” would ensure more Americans have access to affordable, healthy food. “If they earn a dollar more, they lose hundreds of dollars of benefits and it disincentives them from moving forward. We should look at away to increment the reduction in benefits as someone earns more money so it actually incentives them to go full time.  That actually helps get people out of poverty.”

Bacon previously served as the ranking member on the Subcommittee on Nutrition, Oversight & Department Operations, which overseas SNAP.

He expects to be seated on the House Ag Committee in 118th Congress.

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