Congressman calls Biden’s 5B relief for farmers of color discriminatory

The Biden administration plans to spend five billion dollars to help farmers of color who have been discriminated against by the USDA, but Congressmen from Wisconsin and Utah say the plan itself is discriminatory. 

Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany and Utah Congressman Burgess Owens are introducing the ACRE Act, or American Civil Rights and Equality Act, which Tiffany says would stop the administration from targeting relief based on race through the Emergency Relief Fund for Farmers of Color Act. Tiffany says, “Five billion dollars in debt relief for farmers who are minorities. The way I look at it, all farmers are minorities at this point.”

Tiffany says Washington can’t fix discrimination with more discrimination. “For them to say that we’re going to discriminate based on race, sex, creed, or color I believe really is unamerican and I believe it is something that should not be allowed to stand, so, therefore, we’re putting this bill forward.” Tiffany told farmers and reporters near Bloomer, Wisconsin Wednesday, “I don’t believe having more discrimination makes what may be a wrong in the past right” adding, “Government imposed discrimination is not something that our federal government should be doing in the 21st Century. Let’s treat all farmers equally and help them get through some of the times that we’ve went through over the last year.”

Tiffany hopes the bill will get a good hearing in the House, and he has several Members of Congress interested in the bill.

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