Congress tries again to address WOTUS rule

Lawmakers are attempting to terminate the Waters of the United States rule.

A repeal of the Biden administration’s updated WOTUS rule through a resolution of disapproval was passed earlier this year, but it was vetoed by President Joe Biden. Lawmakers couldn’t get the votes to override the president’s veto.

Eric Burlison, a U.S. Congressman from Missouri, tells Brownfield the provision is included in the 2024 Army Corps of Engineers budget and the situation is a little different now than it was earlier this year now the U.S. Supreme Court has issued its ruling in Sackett vs. EPA.

“The Supreme Court has ruled against the new WOTUS rule and we anticipate the administration will do what they always do, write new rules and get around the Supreme Court decision.”

Burlison says he is optimistic the provision will advance and be signed into law.

He says other efforts are underway at the state and federal levels to hold the Environmental Protection Agency accountable following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling issued in late May.

Another U.S. Congressman from Missouri, Sam Graves, sent a letter to EPA with other House Committee leadership this week asking for a plan on the next steps to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision. The letter expresses concern that the administration is delaying its implementation of the ruling and asked for a response by the end of June. 

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