Cold weather during emergence has Wisconsin farmer concerned

A central Wisconsin farmer is hoping the warm weather returns quickly. 

Paul Jarvis raises crops near Wautoma, Wisconsin in Waushara County.  He tells Brownfield the Sunday overnight temperatures were freezing. “It was 32 when I left my house at 3:30 this morning so I don’t know how cold it got before the sun came up, but we were right down there.”

And, that’s a potential problem since many of his fields are emerging. “May 5th or 6th is when we started planting, and we planted a lot pretty fast and all of that stuff is up and we’ve got a lot of beans coming through the ground, too so, I’m not too worried about the corn but the beans that were coming through the ground, I’d be a little worried about.”

Jarvis tells Brownfield he is still working on planting some of his soybeans.

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