CoBank analyst anticipates a resurgence of avian flu this fall

A protein analyst anticipates a resurgence of highly pathogenic avian influenza this fall.

Brian Earnest is with CoBank.

“We’ll likely see some lingering effect and impact in the fall. Now it may not be as severe as what we’re seeing now, but as those birds migrate back south they’ll continue to carry that HPAI with them.”

He tells Brownfield the poultry industry is preparing for fall migration even as the disease spreads this spring.

“We’ll see those heightened biosecurity measures take place, and they put in a monitoring (system) from a regional approach when HPAI is detected and that will continue to occur into the fall period as well.”

High-path avian flu has been detected in nearly 30 states and has resulted in the loss of millions of commercial chickens, turkeys, and ducks. 

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