Coast Guard lifts vessel transit restrictions after Ida

The Coast Guard has removed vessel transit restrictions for ports in the New Orleans area which bodes well for ag exports from the region.

Mike Steenhoek with the Soy Transportation Coalition tells Brownfield Ag News it’ll be slow but seeing restoration of vessel activity where Hurricane Ida came ashore is very good news for farmers and grain shippers ahead of harvest.

“It takes awhile for that to fully emerge. We’re seeing some vessel loading currently occurring, but it’ll be some time before you’ll see the whole supply chain operate on all cylinders.”

And equally important, Steenhoek says, is the restoration of the electric delivery system. Ida damaged all eight major transmission lines that connect the New Orleans area to the power grid.

“It’s very much good news, the power getting restored to that area. We should see full restoration within the next couple weeks.”

Steenhoek says the Cargill facility at Reserve, Louisiana (30 miles west of New Orleans) had extensive damage to its conveyer system from Hurricane Ida but it’s fortunate the damages were not worse to the 14 export facilities in the Lower Mississippi River.

Interview with Mike Steenhoek ^^

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