Climate policies should help farmers reduce risk

A digital agriculture researcher is advocating science and policy need to come together when it comes to crafting incentives for the carbon economy.

Bruno Basso is a foundations professor at Michigan State University and tells Brownfield farmers are taking on added risk when it comes to the betterment of the environment for the sake of the community, and they should be supported.

“If they change practices for the environment and for the community, there needs to be either a market, or a policy, or an incentive that supports them,” he says.

Basso says he believes the current administration is working to integrate science and policy and views agriculture as a climate solution.

“They finally understood the critical role of agriculture as a very, very important asset for fighting the climate crisis,” he says.

He’s working with lawmakers to create policy that goes beyond carbon sequestration so farmers can also be rewarded for other efforts that reduce emissions as more focus is put toward climate-smart solutions in Washington.

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