Climate a major focus as MOSES Organic Farming Conference gets underway

How climate and agriculture intersect dominated day one of the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) virtual conference. 

During a keynote called Farming in the Time of Climate Change Monday, Wisconsin organic dairy and beef producer Jim Goodman suggested greed is at the root of some serious environmental problems.

“And unless we can get to the point where we realize that everyone needs to make a decent living, and we have to do something to stop this terrible economic divide and make sure that we put people ahead of profits, I really don’t see things changing that much.”

He says much of the northern world has been run as an economic empire that generates money for those at the “top of the heap.”

“And that goes right along with climate change because big corporations that benefit from practices that destroy the environment are going to keep doing that as long as they can make money.”

Goodman says he switched from conventional to organic because he was tired of trying to get bigger all the time and because of damage that he attributed to chemical use and intensive farming practices.

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