CLAAS showcases innovation at the Farm Progress Show

CLAAS unveiled its 2020 line-up, including a new combine and a new line of tractors, at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.

Cathrina Claas-Muhlhauser, CLAAS Group Chairwoman, says the company is excited that for the first time the entire U.S. machinery lineup is a “seed green” color.  

“I liked yellow in the combines as well, but it’s just a different story if all of it is green as where we come from in Germany,” she says. “The green represents the green of the seedling, so it stands for new growth, new beginnings, and a fresh start and I think that’s what we’re trying to convey.”

She tells Brownfield the North American market is critical to the company.

“The North American market doubled in markets from 2009-2014 and it’s now a significant share of our revenue worldwide and we want to extend that which is why we’re coming up with new products, with the tractor especially,” she says.

Claas-Muhlhauser says she wants growers to know that in addition to offering innovation and machinery, CLAAS is a family company that wants to help growers. She says when her grandfather founded the company in 1913, he was focused on making farmers’ lives easier and that effort continues today.

Audio: Cathrina Claas-Muhlhauser, CLAAS

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