Chickpea acres double, again

A spokesman for the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council says better price opportunities for chickpeas are driving significant acreage swings.

Vice President of Marketing Pete Klaiber tells Brownfield strong price signals for chickpeas are causing farmers to plant a record amount of acres.  “Especially with the price of wheat being lower than it has been in the past, people are looking at pulses as an alternative that might help them in terms of their farm income.”

The USDA more than doubled chickpea planting expectations for this year to 498,000. This is the second time farmers have doubled chickpea planted acres since 2013. Montana farmers reported the largest increase and are expected to plant twice as many acres as last year.

Klaiber says increasing demand for hummus and chickpeas as an ingredient as well as the growing world population are driving the market.

AUDIO: Interview with Pete Klaiber 

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