Chevron REG targets renewable fuels production boost

A biofuels expert says demand for biodiesel and renewable diesel is on the rise and it’s leading to a boost in production.

Paul Nees, vice president of global supply and trading with Chevron Renewable Energy Group, says expanded capacity is needed. “One of the largest changes we’ve seen here recently is a new entrance into the renewable diesel production base from the oil refining industry.”

He tells Brownfield the performance and lower carbon intensity of biodiesel and renewable diesel adds value to farmers. “We’re buying soybean oil, canola oil, fats and tallows produced from the swine and cattle industry. Our added demand is going to incentivize higher prices for those products and encourage a higher production of those as well.”

Nees says Chevron REG has a renewable fuels capacity target of 100,000 barrels per day by 2030.

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