Channel provides elevated level of service

original_imagesChannel seedsmen offer an elevated level of service to farmers.  They do field check-ups throughout the year when the crop is in seedling stage, vegetative, reproductive and maturity.  By spending time on the ground in the field they are able to help their farmer-customers make decisions that can help them be more productive in that year, but also in the next growing season.  Seedsmen spend time evaluating many variable during visits, from soil type to insect pressures that will help them determine the best trait package going forward.

Brock Helgerson, Channel Brand Lead tells Brownfield farmers can focus on their entire operation while relying on a seed professional at Channel to focus on the seed.  He said Channel Seedsmen wake up in the morning thinking about seed so are able to offer expert service and advice.

Farmers benefit from tools Channel Seedsmen use.  One application, Seedman 360, creates a customized crop report containing information gleaned during field visits throughout the growing season.  The farmer and Channel Seedsman can sit down and review the report to help better prepare for the next year’s crop.

Audio:  Conversation with Brock Helgerson, Channel Brand Lead.

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