Certified Angus Beef expands offering with Grass-Fed beef

Certified Angus Beef has launched a new product to meet evolving consumer demands.  The organization has partnered with Niman Ranch to include grass-fed beef as part of its offering.

John Stika is president of CAB.  “We all want choices and I think today’s consumers, when it comes to beef, when it comes to the food they purchase, they want choices and they want probably more choices than we’ve ever offered before as a food community,” he says.  “And Certified Angus Beef-Grass Fed is just one more step in offering consumers more choices.”

He tells Brownfield the collaboration with Niman Ranch was a logical first step to expand the offering.  “They’ve actually offered a grass-fed product for almost a year,” he says. “We don’t know exactly what the future holds and demand will drive expansions of supply chains moving forward. At the moment we’re partnered with Niman and we’ll see where the future takes us.”

Less than 1% of the total Certified Angus Beef supply will be grass-fed.   Sticka says is an important piece of the brand’s strategy to remain relevant to the growing number of consumers who have different preferences. 

He says this will also help drive demand for Angus genetics. 

AUDIO: John Sticka, Certified Angus Beef

Photo credit: Certified Angus Beef

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