Cattle producer calls for transparency in ownership of animals in supply chain

A Northeast Nebraska cattle producer says there should be more transparency for producers who raise and sell cattle throughout the supply chain.

Joan Ruskamp who owns a finishing feedlot near Howells says exchanging health information from one owner to the next helps create a better product. “When we buy a feeder calf, if we know if that calf has ever been treated for an illness or lameness, we have that information we can use and that helps us when that animal gets another respiratory disease here, we have some history on it,” Ruskamp says.

Ruskamp tells Brownfield utilizing technology like ear tags and other software might be costly but it’s beneficial to both consumers and producers. “I don’t want to put a burden on a specific segment. It needs to be something we can all be a part of.”

She says she hopes the trend will increase to match the consumer trend of wanting more transparency in how their beef was raised.

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