Careers with a Calling survey shows interest in ag

A new survey shows a large percentage of high school students are interested in careers that involve agriculture, food, natural resources, and the environment.

University of Minnesota College of Food, Ag, and Natural Resource Sciences interim associate dean for academic programs Frances Homans says they surveyed teens from across the U.S. and found 90 percent indicated it was important to pursue a career in which they can make a difference.

“In areas of hunger, sustainability, environmental conservation, natural resources and so on. And also the importance of understanding technology and innovation and solving those big challenges.”

She tells Brownfield careers in agriculture continue to make a positive impact on the planet and points to the supply chain as a prime opportunity.

“Working to kind of make things more efficient, use less resources (and) make the company more money at the same time with a view to the environment or solving a problem.”

The Careers with a Calling survey also found 37 percent of respondents are interested in careers in food, agriculture, natural resources, and the environment.

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