Bush’s Beans tracking sustainability progress with farmers

Bush’s Beans is evaluating its supply chain’s environmental impact as part of an upcoming sustainability report.

Robert Loggins is the director of external affairs and community engagement.

“In the next 6 to 12 months we’re going to be working on our first ESG report and that’s environmental sustainability, and then also the governance aspect of how we do what we do and that will give folks a little bit of a peek under the tent,” he shares.

He tells Brownfield the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report includes tracing important practices for raising dry beans, which are primarily sourced from Michigan.

“In today’s marketplace, thinking about water usage, acreage/tonnage, and some of the other sustainability practices,” he says.  “As we are doing a better job on investigating our footprint in this space, now we’re asking the same thing of our suppliers as well.”

Loggins says improving soil quality is just as important to the company as building a culture and nourishing communities and the reporting process will help show consumers progress being made.

A third of Bush’s Beans are canned in Wisconsin, the rest in Tennessee.

Loggins was a featured speaker as part of the recent Conservation Technology Information Center’s Conservation in Action Tour.

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