Broiler hatchery numbers diverge

Broiler hatchery numbers were mixed for the second week in a row.

The USDA says 239.583 million eggs were placed into incubators last week, slightly below both the previous week and a year ago, implying a tighter supply of chicks for meat production later this month.

The average hatchability held just under 80%.

Placements of broiler type chicks into meat production were a little bit above both last week and last year at 185.676 million head, which should mean a larger supply of broiler chickens in early spring.

The USDA’s next round of annual poultry production expectations is out Thursday, February 8th at Noon Eastern/11 Central.

Comparisons for Brownfield states

Arkansas: Sets: 24.449 million eggs, compared to 24.781 million a week ago; Placements: 19.808 million head, compared to 21.218 million last week

Kentucky: Sets: 6.785 million eggs, compared to 6.779 million a week ago; Placements: 5.357 million head, compared to 5.417 million last week

Missouri: Sets: 8.161 million eggs, compared to 8.593 million a week ago; Placements: 4.973 million head, compared to 5.285 million last week

California/Tennessee/West Virginia: Sets: 13.211 million eggs, compared to 13.216 million a week ago; Placements: 11.924 million head, compared to 12.449 million last week

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