Bradley hearing dicamba label change might be coming

A prominent Midwestern weed scientist is hearing about a possible label change for dicamba.

The University of Missouri’s Dr. Kevin Bradley says he has no idea what changes would be but he’s hearing it could happen soon.

“I’m being told from numerous sources that maybe, perhaps as early as sometime this week or next week, we might get an announcement from EPA on what additional label changes dicamba products might have.”

If that’s the case, Bradley says, the industry needs to know as soon as possible.

“There could be significant changes that would affect how we’re doing weed control in an already difficult weed control year coming up in 2022 with all these shortages and everything else.”

Bradley says there has been no difference in dicamba drift injury complaints this year over last.

“We still have plenty of off-target dicamba issues. They’re just no longer getting reported to the departments of agriculture and all of that.”

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