Boosting ethanol support through infrastructure

The American Coalition for Ethanol says it’s hoping the investment by Midwest corn groups in California’s ethanol infrastructure will help boost legislative support for the fuel. 

Ron Lamberty tells Brownfield E85 is being taken for granted in the net-zero fuel conversation.

“Maybe by getting more of these locations up and running, the regulators and elected officials here will realize that we should be part of this net-zero future,” Lamberty said.

He said flex fuel vehicle production has dropped off in recent years as manufactures have been incentivized to produce other alternative fuel vehicles through tax credits, but… 

“When you’re talking about a net-zero fuel, we will probably get there with E85 before the electrical vehicles get there,” he said.

Lamberty said ACE is pushing for legislation that provides similar credits for flex fuel vehicle production.

Midwest corn groups from Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas are providing California fuel retailers with nearly $1.3 million over the next year for E85 pumps, increasing its demand. 

Brownfield’s Kellan Heavican contributed to this article.

Ron Lamberty Interview

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