Biden administration’s Green Energy push an all-hands approach

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg says the Biden administration’s clean energy goals are an opportunity for all sectors. 

He tells Brownfield biofuels and renewable fuels can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the sectors that are hard to decarbonize. “As we think about ocean shipping, sustainable aviation fuel is in it’s infancy, but it has to do with fuel that burns in current equipment. You don’t have to retro fit a plane to run on this stuff. But, it has dramatically lower lifecyle emissions, and that’s a big part of the opportunity of the future just like ethanol has been.”

Buttigieg says electric vehicles are also part of the solution, and there are ongoing efforts to make EVs a better fit for rural America. “Make sure that rural communities are positions to benefit from some of the savings that come from regular families not having to be as reliant on gas and diesel. That is only something they can really take advantage of if these EVs are affordable and enough chargers out there.”

Buttigieg says the administration’s clean energy revolution will be powered by made-in-America solutions.

Brownfield interviewed Secretary Buttigieg following the President’s State of the Union address this week.

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