Below normal temperatures help some Wisconsin farmers, hinder others

The below-normal temperatures last week helped some farmers while hindering others.  USDA reporters say the frozen ground facilitated access to wet fields, but parts of southern and eastern Wisconsin didn’t have enough frost depth to support machinery.  There were some reports of snow being too deep for harvesting, and other areas where frost has gone too deep to do any fall tillage, planting, or manure application.

Harvest of corn for grain is 44% finished, and moisture levels are commonly around 24%.  Several USDA reporters say low commodity prices and high drying costs have farmers leaving corn in the fields. 

The soybean harvest is 77% finished.  Winter wheat is 84% planted.  Fall tillage is only 36% complete.

There are many reports of moist corn with low test weights and yields. 

Cranberry growers are frequently flooding bogs to protect buds and several are hauling sand.

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