Be sure to thoroughly clean dry fertilizer applicators

Farmers are encouraged to thoroughly clean dry fertilizer applicators once fall fieldwork is finished.

Nathan Druffel with Heartland Ag Systems tells Brownfield fertilizer dust and debris is very corrosive.

“And you want to get that off of the machine, the chassis, the box, the booms, the spinners. Whatever type of machine you may run, you want to get that off first and foremost.”

He recommends an end-of-season checklist.

“It could be checking the leaf-springs to make sure you don’t have any cracks in the leaf springs. Make sure your booms don’t have any pinholes in it if you’re running an air boom machine. You want to check your hydraulic hoses, your electrical system, make sure wires aren’t rubbing together.”

And Druffel says fertilizer equipment should be stored in a machine shed if possible or covered with a tarp during the winter.

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