Bayer launches new platform of sustainable ag resources

Leo Bastos introduces ForGround during the 2022 Bayer Crop Science Field technology Showcase in St. Louis

Bayer Crop Science has launched a new platform of resources, tools and agronomic support focused on advancing the adoption of climate smart practices.  

Leo Bastos tells Brownfield ForGround connects farmers and companies interested in investing in sustainable agriculture practices like reduced tillage and cover crops.

“The opportunity is finding the right grower for the right company for the right program.”

He says some companies have already committed to ForGround, offering benefits to growers.

“We have cover crop seed companies offering discounts and sweepstakes. We have reduced tillage companies offering rebates and discounts on equipment. We have services companies offering differentiated pricing for farmers in the ForGround platform.”

And he says the platform can benefit growers no matter how long they have been involved in regenerative practices.

“The platform can be for new farmers just implementing practices or farmers who have been doing them for many, many years. There is an opportunity for every single farmer to somehow be a part of a regenerative agriculture program.”

Interview with Leo Bastos

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