BASF and WinField United partner to bring farmers Corn Impact prescription program

BASF and WinField United are working together to provide farmers agronomic insights to improve yield and reduce risk.

BASF director of U.S. crop marketing Brady Spangenberg says the Corn Impact prescription service offers recommendations for application timing, crop scouting, and a product plan.

“And what we think is all those things working together will deliver a superior outcome to prior history, and together with WinField we feel so confident about that that also is part of the Impact prescription program. There’s an enhanced warranty if that outcome isn’t achieved.”

The program is for the current crop year and farmers must be using a hybrid from WinField United that has a medium to high response-to-fungicide score.

A fee is associated with the offer, but Spangenberg tells Brownfield farmers can look at that like insurance or a warranty.

“The program itself offers an enhanced warranty of $25 an acre if that field does not achieve 105 percent of their annual production history, and we think that is something that really just can offer some support if and when things do go sideways.”

Farmers have until July 15th to enroll by visiting their local WinField United retailer.

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