B20 Club of Illinois reaches new milestone

The B20 Club of Illinois has announced its member fleets have used more than 110 million gallons of biodiesel blends 20% and higher.

Pete Probst with Chicago-based Indigenous Energy says the milestone comes as the group celebrates its 10th anniversary of working to improve air quality.

“It shows that biodiesel is a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel,” he said. “It’s very successful at reducing carbon emissions. At 110 million gallons, that basically estimates to be about 200,000 tons of CO2 reduced.”

The B20 Club is a partnership between the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program and the American Lung Association. It represents a diverse group of Illinois fleets, companies and organizations dedicated to cleaner air and more sustainable operations through production and use of biodiesel.

Probst tells Brownfield the club has grown to more than 30 members. “We’ve got municipalities, bus fleets, and barges. Pretty much anybody that uses diesel, we have a demonstration to show a fleet that’s using it. It’s been a good tool to show other fleets what they can do as well.”

The American Lung Association says the B20 Club has helped the state save an estimated $25 million in health-related costs.

Probst spoke to Brownfield at the 2024 Clean Fuels Conference.

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